Thursday, April 22, 2010

nellore information

Venkatagiri Raja College, is the oldest college in Nellore town. It was the only college that met the needs of the people of Nellore, until other colleges came up much later.

This college boasts of famous people in its alumni list. Some of its old students were/are ministers in the state & central cabinet, some were/are governors, some were/are officials who reached the top ranks in the government. Likewise governors, actors artists and the list is endless!

GVK Reddy, makes Nellore
proud. He is the chairman of GVK group, which has
established its presence in the fields of hospitality, petrochemicals,
manufacturing, finance and infrastructure projects and has now ventured
into the fields of life sciences, IT infrastructure and non-conventional

Cinema is the most prominent entertainment in Nellore. There are quite a few quality theaters in Nellore. It is told that some actors & producers come to Nellore to see the film on the first day in the theater and to measure the audience reaction etc