Wednesday, February 22, 2006


This district is generally flat and of low elevation and forms part of the Karnatic Plains. The sandy Coastal belt, extends fro the sea for 3 to 4 miles (5 to 7 kms.) interior, all along the length of the district. There are numerous back waters along the coast and the best known among them is the Pulicat lake. Towards the extreme south-east is the Island of Sriharikota where the East Coast Rocket Launching station is located. This district can broadly be divided into two natural divisions from North to South. the Eastern half of the district adjoining the coastal belt is fairly fertile with large tracts of Paddy cultivating areas. The coast is fringed with large tracts of shrub jungle, interspersed with coconut, palmyrah, cashew and casuarina plantations. The western half of the district has a low elevation towards west with large tract of low shrub jungles diversified with rocky hills and stony plains. The small tanks containing an uncertain supply of water, the irrigable lands constantly thrown out of cultivation and stunted crops grown on poor soils mark the difficulties against which riots strive hard to gain a precarious livelihood in this division. The district ranks 10th in regard to geographical area among the district of Andhra Pradesh and extending over an area of 13076 sq. kms. There are 1110 inhabited and 72 uninhabited census villages with 8 towns including 3 municipalities i.e., Nellore, kavali and Gudur.


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