Wednesday, February 22, 2006


The principal rivers which draw the district are the pennar and Swarnamukhi. Other streams occasional and torrential in character are Kandleru and Boggeru. All these rivers and rivulets get dry for a major part of the year and carry heavy floods during the rainy seasons. The numerous minor streams in the district are little more than mountain torrents and their beds lie so low beneath the adjoining lands that their water is seldom available for irrigation purposes. The pennar river is the most important river, a boon to the eastern half of the taluks of Nellore and kovur. It flows for about 112 kms. in the district through Atmakur and between Kovur and Nellore taluks and falls in the Bay of Bengal. It has two anicuts one at Sangam and the other at Nellore.

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Please Provide the Complete List of the Nellore Municipal Corporation LBS names and Mobile Numbers as wel as the Other Municipalities like Kavali, Gudur, Sullurpet, Naidupet, Atmakur....